Saturday, 31 October 2009

Third Birthday Person!

On the third week of rehearsals for Blind Summit's 1984,
we had another birthday person, which was...

1984 E-Flyer

The e-flyer of 1984 is complete...!

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Room 101 by 1984 casts

Everyone wonders what is in Room 101.
Death by fire, by drawing... Rats...??
1984 casts reveal what would be in their 'Room 101'.

Sound in 1984 - Interview with Chris Branch

Mr. Goldstein interviewed Chris Branch, the sound designer of 1984,
asking how the sound is like in the world of 1984...

You can listen to his music in past posts on our blog
- 'Workshop next door' and 'Puppets parade'.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Happy Brithday to...!

We had another birthday from the cast of 1984 on the last Thursday 22nd of October!
The birthday person was....

Friday, 23 October 2009

Puppets parade

The second week of rehearsals for Blind Summit's 1984 is coming to an end.
And today, they have managed to go through ACT 1 and 2!!
Lots of puppets in the show started to appear in the rehearsal room this week...

Workshop next door

We have a props workshop just next door to the rehearsal room.
Louella, Lucia and Anna are busy making the puppets and props which are going to be used in the show.
Nick, the designer of 1984, is always on hand to make any props as the rehearsals go on!!